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Happy Janmashtami Images

Happy Shree Krishna Janmashtami -: As you all know that we are going to celebrate our happy shree krishna janmashtami in the month of august this year. Its a day of great lord krishna who is known as one of incarnation of lord vishnu who is also included . Its a day which is celebrated for the birth of lord krishna who is taken birth in the Jail of “Kansha”. Krishna Janmashtami is the annual festival which is celebrated among the hindu community all over the world. This is known as annual festival as it is celebrated every year with all the grace and happiness. Krishna Janmashtami is the festival which is celebrated on the eight day of shavana month which is generally come in the august or September month of English calendar.

Krishna Janmashtami is a very loving and important festival according to full hindu community and they also celebrate it as this is important as per vaishnavism or hinduism. You will see a whole night masti and celebration of this festival. This is the festival which is celebrated among all the people who love and respect the Shree lord Krishna and celebration of Janmashtami never stops. Today we are here with some of the happy shree krishna janmashtami Images which you can send to your friends and relative to whom you want to wish for your awesome janamashtami. You can send via whatsapp, hike, facebook and fb etc.

You will get to know lord krishna with various names like Ajaya which means The Conqueror of Life and Death, Hari which means The Lord Of Nature, Bihari – The Travelling Lord, Madana – The Lord Of Love, Purshottama – The Supreme Soul, Shyam – Dark-Complexioned Lord, Yogi – The Supreme Master, Narayana – The Refuge Of Everyone, Jagannatha – Master Of The Universe, Sanatana – The Eternal Lord and Vishwatma – Soul Of The Universe.

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happy Krishna Janmashtami
happy Krishna Janmashtami
happy Krishna Janmashtami
happy Janmashtami
happy Krishna Janmashtami
happy janmashtami
happy Krishna Janmashtami
happy Krishna Janmashtami
happy Krishna Janmashtami
happy Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami Wishes

  1. If you cant fight for what you want,

Then you cant cry for what you lost….Bhagwat Gita


2. Love is a consistent passion to give for the pleasure… not a meek persistent hope to receive.
May God Krishna Give you peace of mind


3. This is the world which is Karam Pradhan so if you want some thing sweet from your life then you should do some Karm according to that.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami 


4. May you find a true love of your life on this Janmashtami so that you can get lots of blessing in form of shower….Happy Janmastami 


5. If you have lost your way or you are confuse in choosing the right way then i will pray for you and wish that Lord Krishna give you the right path for your life. May god bless you. Happy Krishna Janmashtami.


6. May God Krishna steal all of your worries and tension so that you can live and love your life and give happiness to your loved once. May god bless you and become happiest person of the earth.


7. May natkhat Nand lala give you lots of happiness on their own birthday and give what you deserve the most in your life. Happy Shree Krishna Janmashtami to you and your family Members.


8. Mai aap sabhi ko Krishna Janmashtami and Gokul ashtami ki haardik subhakaamnaye deta hu.



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